Finding the best house buying companies near Denver

house buying companiesHow to shop for the best house buying companies near Denver

If you are looking for a way to quickly sell your house “as-is” to a company near Denver, there are several different types of companies you will run into.  You will find that the prices each type of buyer offers are significantly different.  You’ll see price swings of over $50,000.  Here are the most common house buying company types near Denver:

House Wholesalers

Fix and Flip Investors

Rental Investors

Finding the best House Buying Companies near Denver


If you type in “We buy houses” in google, the majority of websites belong to wholesalers.  Wholesalers pretend to “buy” houses, but in all actuality they are more like a broker.  The offers you receive from wholesalers will be all over the place.  Lots of wholesalers are completely new to real estate.  Have you ever seen an add that says you can become rich investing in real estate with no money?  These gurus are teaching people how to “wholesale” real estate.  

Here’s how a typical wholesale deal works:

  1. The wholesaler offers to buy your house for $100,000 (I just picked a number for illustration purposes).
  2. You accept the offer and the wholesaler now has equitable interest in your property.  The wholesaler starts marketing your house for sale to every investor he/she knows during his/her inspection period.
  3. After showing the property to 3 to 10 investors, the wholesaler finds an investor willing to buy your house for $140,000.  
  4. On the day of closing the wholesaler is selling your house to another investor in the room next door for $40,000 more than he/she is buying it from you for.  
  5. The wholesaler never owns your house and walks away with $40,000.

Here’s another way wholesale deals often work out:

  1. The wholesaler offers to buy your house for $100,000.
  2. You accept the offer.  During the inspection period the wholesaler shows 10 investors your property.
  3. Since the most anyone is will to buy your property for is $80,000, the wholesaler comes back to you and says they are walking away from the deal due to inspection issues, unless you are able to lower the price to $75,000.
  4. You either lower the price and the wholesaler makes his $5,000 or you don’t and the wholesaler walks away with no loss.

Unfortunately, this second way is how most wholesale deals go.

Fix and Flip Investors:

When you sell your house directly to a fix and flip investor, you’ll normally get a better price, and things will go much smoother.  The investor won’t parade anyone through your house like a wholesaler, and they won’t try to re-negotiate the price with you during the inspection period.  Most Fix and flip investors will waive the inspection objection period all together.  

When selling your house to an experienced flipper, they can facilitate a smooth quick closing.  On the down side, a fix and flip company can not pay as much as a landlord or a retail home buyer.  A flipper must account for back end reatlor fees, two sets of closing fees, and holding fees.  Holding fees include taxes, insurance, utilities, and interest payments.  After factoring in these costs, the fix and flip investor must purchase your house at a discount to make the numbers work.

If you are in a hurry and need to close in the next week, find a fix and flip house buying company to sell to.  Denver Property Flip is a Fix and Flip Investor.  Call us to get an offer on your house.

Rental Investors:

Rental investors are landlords looking for more properties to purchase and rent out.  Some rental investors can close fast, and they can afford to pay more than a fix and flip investor.  With no back end closing cost or holding fees, a landlord just needs to make sure the property can bring in enough rent to turn the profit they are looking for.  It’s hard to find rental house buying companies with cash, but if you are lucky enough to find one, it will often be your best option.

Denver Property Flip has options!

A fourth option, if you don’t need to sell fast, is to have Denver Property Flip fix and list your house.  Denver Property Flip will fix up your house with their money and then resell your house at the top of your local market.  This option will get you the highest profit, but often takes 2.5 to 3 months.

Regardless of your situation, Denver Property Flip would love to come look at your house and give you a menu of options to help you make the best choice for your situation.

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