Keep Your Bedroom Cool When It’s Hot Outside in Denver

Sweltering summer temperatures can make it tough to get a good night’s rest. There’s air conditioning, of course, but if that’s not on the table, there are plenty of ways you can cool things down.

Keep your Denver house cool

Open the Windows and Doors

Good ventilation keeps air moving, which helps evaporate the moisture on your skin. You’ll want to open more than the bedroom window to get the best airflow. By opening the windows and doors all over your house, you let the air move with the natural breeze. If one side of your house takes the full afternoon sun, leave those windows and doors closed until it starts to cool off outside.

Bringing in fresh air not only cools the temperature but improves the air quality. Better air quality improves the quality of your sleep by helping you fall asleep faster and reducing the number of times you wake at night.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans circulate air through the bedroom. If you’ve got the windows and doors open, a ceiling fan can help move fresh air throughout the room. While you might think a ceiling fan will be an eyesore, think again. Designs have come a long way from the faux wood blades you remember. You can find ceiling fans that accentuate and fit in with almost any style from contemporary to rustic. Just be sure to place your bed where your mattress will get a direct air current from your ceiling fan. Some memory foam mattresses sleep hot, so be sure get as much cool air as possible if you have that type of bed.

Use Fans Strategically

Whether you’re using a pedestal, table, wall, or box fan, you can strategically use it to move the maximum amount of air through your home. By placing a fan in the window you can pull fresh air in. But, did you know that by turning it around you can push hot air out? If you open all the windows and doors in your house, as you push hot air out, cool air will be pulled in at the opposite side of the house. Basically, using your fans correctly can get more air moving in a shorter amount of time.

Add Ice

We’re not done with fans yet. To supercharge a table fan, place a bowl of ice or ice water in front of it, directing the airflow onto your bed. You’ll get a straight shot of iced air.

Turn Off Electronics

Any electronics from the television to your laptop give off heat that makes the temperatures in your house go up. Unplug them or, even better, take them out of the bedroom altogether. The bright blue light from electronics can suppress the release of melatonin, an import sleep hormone. Plus, with fewer electronics in the bedroom, you won’t be as distracted, which also helps improve your sleep quality.

Pick Natural Fabrics

Bedding made of natural fabrics breathes better. During the summer that means cotton and linen, both of which help keep moisture and heat from building against the skin.

Block Out the Heat

Blackout curtains or heavy drapes over the windows can help keep temperatures down. The thicker and heavier they are the better they’ll trap heat by the windows, preventing it from reaching the rest of the room.

Guest Post by Katie Phillips, founder of

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