Stop Foreclosure in Westminster CO, Without Selling at a Discount!

How to Easily Stop Foreclosure in Westminster, Colorado

Stop Foreclosure in Westminster
Robert & Gloria at the closing table after just selling their Westminster house and avoiding foreclosure.

Are you a couple months behind on your mortgage payments? Don’t worry, I’ve got great news for you.  In most cases, you can still sell your house for full market value and quickly stop further damage to your credit.  

We just helped Gloria and Robert stop foreclosure in Westminster and sell their house for a premium price, even though they were over two months behind on their mortgage.  You’re about to learn how we did it.

Stop Foreclosure in Westminster

Understand How Much Time You Have

Understanding your timeline in the foreclosure process can help reduce your anxiety and help you make smart decisions to get out of your situation with the most cash possible.  Here’s how it works:

You miss your mortgage payment for 3 months straight:  The banks sends you a Demand Letter.

You miss your 3rd or 4th Payment: The Bank files for foreclosure.  You are sent a Notice of Election and Demand for Sale (also referred to as the NED).

9 to 10 months of missed payments: Your House is Foreclosed on.

It’s easiest to sell your house for full price before the NED is filed, but you can sell your house and avoid foreclosure in Westminster at any point before the foreclosure is complete.

This means you have a full 3 to 4 months of missed payments to get your house sold for full price and another 6 months after that to get your house sold, but probably for a discount.

Quickly Get Your House Ready For Sale, Without Spending a dime

We used our cash to replace the rotten siding, fix some damaged drywall, and haul some trash out of Robert and Gloria’s house.  Robert and Gloria didn’t have to lift a finger.  We used our cash and crews to quickly get the house ready for sale.

If you skip this step, you will pay for it at closing.  You can’t ignore the siding that has started to rot on the side of your house and think the problem will just go away.  Problems like this can be fixed before selling at a low cost, or become a costly nightmare just before closing.  Just because a couple pieces of siding have started to rot doesn’t mean all of your siding needs replaced, but the person buying your house may think so.  

Get ahead of problems like leaks in the roof, molded drywall, dirty furnaces, old water heaters, and heaving concrete.  Fix these types of problems before you put your house on the market.  Your buyers will feel at ease purchasing your home when nothing major comes up on the inspection report.  Denver Property Flip can pay for these repairs upfront and get reimbursed at closing.

List your House on the MLS

With the current market conditions near Westminster CO, you can go under contract with a buyer in less than two weeks.  When you hire Denver Property Flip to rehab your house with their money before listing it, you can expect a high offer in the first 5 days on the market.  We listed Robert and Gloria’s Westminster house and had it under contract for full price in less than a week.

It should be your goal to have your house under contract before the NED is filed.  This means you have 3 to 4 months of missed mortgage payments to find your buyer.  Sure, you can still sell your house after the NED is filed, but it will be much harder to sell at full price.

After the NED is filed, your property will show up on Zillow, Trulio, and all the other sites as being in “preforeclosure”.  Buyers will try to take advantage of your situation and will offer you less.

Getting your house SOLD

After we have fixed up your house and found you a high paying buyer. We’ll make whatever additional repairs are required by the buyer from inspection.  Denver Property Flip will pay for and manage the work to make sure the deal goes through.  

If you found a buyer before the NED was filed, but they come up with inspection objection items (like they want a new water heater), in most cases you’ll be better off just having these issues taken care of to save the deal.  You may not have the time to find a different buyer before the NED is filed.

You have options

In stressful times, it’s easy to make bad decisions from clouded judgement.  If you are going through foreclosure, understand you have options.  You can stop foreclosure in Westminster and walk away with all your equity.  That cash can help your through this hard time to get a new fresh start.

Call Denver Property Flip at 720-370-9595.  We’d be happy to come see your house and discuss your options with you.

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